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'Tis the season to be jolly!! 5 reasons why ELITE is an integral part of your Christmas celebrations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas is just around the corner and ELITE SUPERMARKET is all geared up to celebrate this joyful holiday season with you!

Elite has been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with you for over two and half decades now and we are thrilled to celebrate with you yet again!!!

Here are 5 reasons why Elite Supermarket is an Integral part of every Christmas celebration:


Over these years, some of our flagship products have become a must-have part of every Christmas celebration. Elite’s Legendary Rich Plum Cakes have become an integral part of our Christmas tradition. It's incredible richness, legendary taste and consistent high quality has made it the quintessential Christmas gift to share with your beloved friends and family.

2. Unique collection of imported Christmas goodies and decorations

Christmas Decorations

Every year, ELITE directly imports a great variety of unique and interesting Christmas goodies and decorations of exceptional quality for our customers. We know how much you value quality in everything that you purchase and we relentlessly strive to offer you that quality. Our Christmas trees and decorations are simply a class apart!

3. Great selection of high quality fresh meat

Fresh Meat

Talking about traditions, no Christmas meal is complete without delectable, home-cooked non-vegetarian dishes and no other retailer is as trusted as ELITE to bring you the highest quality of fresh meat. Being an ISO 9001:2015 compliant organisation, we take meticulous steps to ensure that everything we do adheres to top quality standards. We are also incredibly careful about where we source our meat from and how we handle it in our stores. At ELITE, you may get your fresh meat minced or even pre-order special cuts such as tender loins, ribs, liver, etc. Whatever your requirement, our butchers are there to give it you.

4. Great selection of fresh fish and seafood

We know how much you love fish! ELITE works extra hard to bring you consistently good quality of fish every single day. We source our fresh fish straight from the sea shore everyday before any third party vendors could potentially add any chemicals or preservatives to it. This greatly reduces the probability of our fishes being doused in dangerous chemicals which has already plagued most of the so-called “fresh fish" sold in local fish markets.

5. Offers, offers and more offers!!!

For ELITE, quality always comes FIRST. But that doesn’t mean we sacrifice on offers and discounts. In fact, its quite the contrary! Our exquisite list of offers is very vast!! And with “Elite Retail Pricing” almost everything is priced below M.R.P!!! All this while keeping our commitment towards quality unchanged. Elite will never sacrifice quality just to wow you with low prices!! All our offers are true offers and not a gimmick to sell you goods of shoddy quality or to push near-expiry products to unsuspecting customers! So go ahead and shop till you drop at ELITE with confidence! Below is just a few out of the many offers available now on all ELITE outlets.

There you go! A quick look at 5 of the many reasons why ELITE SUPERMARKET is an Integral part of everyone’s Christmas shopping tradition!! :)

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