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Why Shop At Elite Supermarket?

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the “Elite Supermarket retail culture", I am sure the above question does pop up in your minds. If you have never shopped at Elite Supermarket, here are some compelling reasons as to why our customers are so loyal, eager, and enthusiastic to shop with us.

Elite Supermarket is committed to providing you the one stop shopping experience to fulfill all your household and domestic needs and give you a sense of pleasure while doing it. Our sole purpose of existence is to offer you the best quality products at competitive prices with a guaranteed customer satisfaction.

At Elite supermarket, we believe in enriching your shopping experience which is why we have taken a customer-satisfaction oriented approach, from easy-to-shop lay out of our stores to our eager-to-help friendly sales team. We have also taken into account the demands and needs of our current consumers as well as the shifting buying habits of our consumers, which is why our extremely talented purchase team goes to various vendors both locally as well as nationwide to bring to you that perfect grain for your daily consumption or that exotic mangosteen to add vitality to your daily life.

Elite Supermarket aims to nourish, satisfy and delight our customers. As you walk through our isles, you will find everything to satisfy your every whims and fancies. Explore through our wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to fulfill your nutrition requirements, our huge selection of every day staples, packaged and canned food items, condiments and household goods to satisfy all your basic needs, sweets and confectionery to soothe your sweet cravings, ready to eat freshly prepared savory pastries and snacks to satiate your palate, toys to bring out the sparkle in your little ones, pet food and accessories for your felines and dogs, jewelry and cosmetics to bring out the divas in you, our selection of electronics and computer accessories for the tech geeks in you and much more. All our products are logically and strategically placed and shelved to make the customers shopping experience truly convenient and memorable. We are very sensitive to the needs of the customer and make every effort to address each and every one of their concerns.

Trust and loyalty in our products have been earned through years of quality assurance. Quality of our products is assured by ensuring that our shops, warehouses, packing units and kitchens are IS0 9001:2015 certified. Aside from all the major food brands we also carry our own private label “Elite”. ‘Elite’ labeled products offers superior quality in that they are mostly organic, handpicked with precision, pristinely packed and free of any preservatives or additives. To ensure reliability and quality of our products, we have resorted to backward integration via our own poly house farms. Poly house farming is an alternative farming technique that enables us to provide our customers with fresh, organic vegetables even when they are not in season without compromising quality.

Elite supermarket is a front-runner in giving back to the community as well. We don’t just call ourselves your 'friendly neighborhood store’ but we are committed to fulfilling our role of being a ‘good neighbor’ by giving back to the community and by our active involvement in various local community organizations. We support various non-profit organizations that promote the well being of our community and our planet as a whole.

If you still have qualms about our stores, we highly recommend you to visit us and let us revolutionize the way you shop. Stop by your neighborhood Elite Supermarket to become a part of this amazing, unique shopping experience.

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