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Elite Supermarket has always been serious about it’s commitment towards quality. And we have been upholding this commitment ever since our inception in 1991 by constantly evolving and updating our standards with the changing times.

We are the only supermarket in town to have been awarded an ISO 9001:2015 certification. And it is not just our shops that retain it's adherence to top notch quality standards. Our backend including all our depots, stores, kitchens and packing units are all ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

The strive for quality doesn’t end there. It continues in to our product offerings. We go to great lengths to effectively source the best of all products. Be it our exquisite line of superfine pulses & groceries sourced directly from all corners of the nation, or fresh unadulterated fish sourced straight from the sea everyday or fresh high quality meat from selected vendors, or vegetables & fruits of impeccable quality sourced from local, national and international sources, Elite does not skimp on quality. We even cultivate purely organic vegetables in our own precision farms to save our customers from the pesticide ridden produce available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Even If you are a value shopper hunting for discounts and offers, Elite Supermarket does not disappoint. Through direct sourcing, Elite Retail Pricing (ERP), Elite’s privilege program*, and our ever expanding list of daily offers, we are able to bring you immense savings and value without sacrificing quality.

Apart from enjoying all the offers and discounts, another priceless benefit of being a regular Elite Supermarket shopper is that they will ultimately lead a life of good health and wellbeing.

And that is a benefit which cannot be quantified!!

Thank you for being a QUALITY shopper!!

*Sign up for FREE for the "ELITE SUPERMARKET privilege card" at any of our outlets to avail even more discounts.

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