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Pioneer in the supermarket business with over 3 decades of retail experience

About Us

    About Us   

Elite supermarket is a dynamic leader in the retail and food sector. An impeccable eye for quality and our continuing strive to provide exceptional service is what forms the core of Elite Supermarket. This commitment has led us to become one of the leading supermarkets in Kerala. Elite Supermarket is a one stop shopping experience for all products that would fulfill all your household as well as personal needs. For over three decades we have provided reliable and superior shopping experience to our customers.


Elite Supermarket was pioneered on April 4, 1991. We consider our customers as our most important stakeholders. Our aim is to nourish, satisfy and delight our customers. At Elite supermarket you will find quality products being sold at affordable prices with a guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Among the earliest of it’s type in Kerala, Elite Supermarket was started on April 4, 1991 when the concept was just emerging among the elite population of the city and majority trade was in traditional provision stores.

Elite Supermarket was established under the management of Shri T.R Vijayakumar, an engineering graduate himself and belonging to a leading business family owning the trade name of Elite in textiles, food processing, distillery and real estate. Upholding the Elite family legacy, the supermarket quickly made strides to become the foremost shopping center for domestic needs not only for the Elite, but also for every sector of the purchasing community. Sensing the need to meet the increasing demands of our growing cities, we are currently overseeing expansion.

Best supermarket for groceries, vegetables, fruits, fish & meat and all other essentials


& Mission

“Our mission is to provide exceptional quality and service with 100% customer satisfaction”

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The prime focus of Elite Supermarket is to make our customer’s retail experience quick, easy, productive as well as enjoyable. We realize the need to account for the changing needs of our customers as well as the need to make shopping swift and efficient. Our efforts to achieve our focuses are marked by our easy to shop layout of our stores, conveniently placed aisles stacked with all necessities to fulfill your day to day domestic needs and friendly store associates to assist you every step of the way to make your shopping experience memorable and easy.


At Elite supermarket we never compromise on quality. Elite supermarket is accredited by ACS International and IAS to instill confidence in the quality of the products offered in our stores. Our endeavor to provide premium quality is a never-ending process and we make every possible effort to exceed the set standards in quality. We carefully evaluate each and every product sold at our stores.


We commit to provide the best in-class retail service. We consider our customers as the lifeblood of our establishment. We are dedicated to our customers and we serve them earnestly, efficiently and with flair.


Customer satisfaction is our biggest achievement. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve our standards and try to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to create loyality, satisfied customers and ensuring that every concern is addressed.

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